In Vitro Fertilization: Conventional versus Natural

In vitro fertilization is a technique used to achieve pregnancy when less invasive methods have not been successful. When thinking about IVF, conventional techniques are usually the first to come to mind. However, many patients can also choose natural cycle IVF, which has several notable advantages over the conventional method.

What is natural cycle IVF?

Natural cycle IVF is similar to conventional IVF, but it involves fewer medications. Instead, it relies on a woman’s natural cycle. The woman is monitored throughout her cycle, eggs are harvested when they become mature and standard IVF techniques are used to fertilize the egg and implant the embryo. Natural cycle IVF works best for women who are able to ovulate on their own and would rather not have hormone injections in order to stimulate the production of eggs.

What are the advantages?

Because natural cycle IVF does not involve as many medications as the conventional method, each cycle tends to be less expensive. This technique is also easier on the woman’s body because she will not be exposed to as many chemicals, medications and extra hormones as she would be with conventional IVF. Furthermore, natural cycle IVF is less stressful, produces fewer harmful side effects and can be performed in consecutive cycles.

What are the disadvantages?

Natural cycle IVF is a viable alternative to conventional IVF for women who prefer to live a more natural lifestyle. However, this method is not without drawbacks. For example, because natural IVF doesn’t utilize ovulation-stimulating drugs to increase the number of eggs produced, multiple cycles may be required before pregnancy is achieved. In addition, because natural cycle IVF relies on a woman’s ability to ovulate on her own, it may be ineffective in women who ovulate infrequently or fail to ovulate at all.

Here at Neway Fertility, we understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle free from unnecessary medications, chemicals and toxins. However, as a leading New York Fertility Clinic, we also understand that conventional IVF is sometimes the only option. If you are considering natural or conventional IVF, contact Neway Fertility to learn more about these techniques, and we will help you choose the option that’s best for you.

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