There are many different options for starting your family including:

  • An intrauterine insemination (IUI) where donor sperm is placed directly inside the uterus by the physician
  • In vitro fertilization (where your eggs are retrieved and fertilized by donor sperm). Then the fertilized eggs are cultured in our world-renowned lab to an embryo before they are placed in your uterus to grow into a beautiful baby!

Your initial consultation and fertility evaluation will help guide you as to best treatment option for you.

Then it is time to select the sperm source!

The sperm donor can be a family friend or an anonymous individual from a sperm bank. Neway works very closely with the best sperm banks all over the country and can help guide you in this selection process.

Regardless of the sperm donor source, each sperm donor is screened extensively for infectious diseases according to FDA guidelines, as well as genetic screenings and a brief medical and family history is obtained.
If the sperm is from a qualified sperm bank then the six month quarantine process and screening has already been completed.