Top 10 Ovulation Calendar Apps

If you’re having difficulty keeping up with your ovulation calendar, try using a Smartphone or tablet app to determine when you’re most fertile. By planning intercourse for when you’re the most fertile, you’ll increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

What is an Ovulation Calendar?

There are several ways to predict ovulation, but the easiest way to determine the days you’re most likely to get pregnant is with an ovulation calendar. Here’s how it works:

A woman’s best chance for becoming pregnant occurs four to five days before ovulation and ends 24-48 hours after the egg is released. Since most women ovulate 14 days following the first day of their menstrual period, you can anticipate to be most fertile from 10 to 16 days after your period begins.

However, trying to conceive can be stressful and keeping up with dates can become tedious. Thankfully, there are apps that will tell you precisely when you’re most fertile and most likely to become pregnant. Here are a few of the Neway Fertility Clinic NYC’s favorites:

1. Maybe Baby 2013 – Fertility/Ovulation Diary – Helps women keep track of their menstruation cycle and predict ovulation.

2. Fertility Friend 5.20 – Provides an easy-to-use platform for women trying to conceive or otherwise track their menstrual cycles. Interfaces with a web-based application.

3. Mobile Mom – Tracks a woman’s most fertile days to help increase the chances of getting pregnant.

4. My Days – Period and Ovulation – Helps keep track of fertile days using a customizable calendar.

5. Baby Maker Fertility – Background changes depending on how likely fertilization is on a specific day.

6. Get Pregnant – Very similar to Maybe Baby, but includes a feature that lets users enter cervical mucus size and consistency for more accuracy.

7. Day After – Tracks biometrics and produces graphs and charts based on info the user inputs.

8. EPT Ovulation App – Includes features similar to other apps, but also offers conception tips.

9. Bioclock Fertility – A combination app that tracks fertility, cycle and due date.

10. Selene – Allows users to track the fertility on a more in-depth basis by factoring in temperature, cervical mucus, cervical position and menstrual flow.

Some apps are available for the iPhone while others are intended for the Android platform. However, some have versions for either.

For more information about tracking ovulation cycles, our New York Fertility Clinic can help. Among Fertility Clinics in New York City. Neway offers couples impressive conception success rates. Contact us today to learn more.

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