Neway Fertility Launches Special Fertility Treatments for IVM, Offering Natural Fertility Alternative to IVF for Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

New York City – Jan. 27, 2014 – Neway Fertility, a leading NYC fertility clinic specializing in natural fertility treatments, today announced the launch of a special fertility treatments for women with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and infertility.

IVM (in vitro maturation) is a groundbreaking treatment that has seen great success around the globe, with more than 5,000 live births worldwide – more than 1/4 of them under the direction of Neway’s founder and technical director, fertility pioneer Dr. Jin-Ho Lim, who is now bringing this innovative technique to the US. IVM offers a virtually drug-free, low-cost, minimally invasive approach to fertility, making it ideal for women with hormone-sensitive issues like PCOS, who cannot tolerate the high doses of ovarian stimulation drugs required by traditional IVF.

You must be under the age of 35, suffer from PCOS, and have difficulty getting pregnant. Please contact Kelly at (212) 750-3330 (M-F 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM) or click here to see if you qualify.

About Neway Fertility
Neway Fertility is a leading NYC fertility clinic offering the full range of fertility treatments, with an emphasis on natural approaches. Neway was founded by Dr. Jin-Ho Lim, a pioneer in natural fertility and founder of the groundbreaking Maria Fertility Network in Asia. Dr. Lim established a world-class facility in Manhattan to bring his innovative treatments to the US, training an expert team led by top fertility specialist Dr. Jesse Hade, MD, F.A.C.O.G. Neway leverages innovative techniques and a personalized approach to deliver some of the highest success rates in the country for everything from traditional IVF, to natural alternatives like IVM, mild IVF, Natural cycle IVF, and Natural cycle IVF/M, to IUI, genetic testing, embryo screening, egg freezing, egg donation, and more. Visit for more.


纽约第一例IVM baby(未成熟卵子试管婴儿)诞生

Neway Fertility最近有3名健康的IVM babies在纽约地区首次诞生。

Neway Fertility在多囊卵泡综合症(PCOS)患者7人中,利用IVM施术有5人妊娠成功,其中2名产妇最近成功生下了3名婴儿,余下3名产妇正在待产。


• Cecilia and Talya,a same-sex couple(同性夫妇)from Brooklyn,NY 10月11日成功生下了双胞台。产妇Cecilia是严重的PCOS患者,失败5次人工授精(IUI)后,此次首次IVM施术成功。
• Manpreet and Sarbdeep,from Carteret NJ 9月25日成功生下了健康的女婴。她曾利用促排卵试管婴儿妊娠成功过, 但因早产失去了孩子,此次首次IVM施术成功,并生下了健康的婴儿。

世界上第一例试管婴儿是1978年利用自然排出的1个卵子成功诞生,但只有1个卵子成功率非常低, 因此大部分医院为了取得多个卵子均在使用促排卵注射剂。




至今全世界有4000名以上的IVM babies诞生,其中1/4以上在玛利亚医院诞生,但在美国实施此手术的医院只有几家。

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