Amazing facility both Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat are good and great doctors…. I was a patient of Dr. Luk and even though i was in for a traditional IVF, Dr. Luk suggested me to go for a mini-IVF…and it worked, Dr. Luk did my egg retrieval and Dr. Nejat my egg transfer. They specially opened their offices on a Sunday to do our egg transfer, only for us!!!!  And guess what . Im Pregnant the first time after 4 years of trying!!!

Both have God gifted skills and expertise…!!!  I had gone to RMA-NY, NYU Fertility , CNY Fertility, and got nothing but just forcing us to a conventional IVF !! But this was the best my final destination  , both for money and service / treatment given to us!!! Both are kind heart’d, will work with you, hear your problems/concerns and will even share their personal number if you have any problems!!!  In addition, kudos to all the nurses we met, Rose/Juany/Dee/ Rachel, Qing and few more… they all were amazing!!! Highly recommend!!!!


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