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Female couples who have insurance may have coverage for IUI with donor sperm, depending upon plan benefits and whether the plan has specific infertility guidelines. Some insurances will require that a same sex female couple complete a certain number of self-pay IUI cycles before insurance will begin covering the treatment.

Our financial team will always verify this coverage before you begin treatment and will inform you of potential coverage and costs. Self pay IUI cycles at Neway Fertility start at $1,000.

Reciprocal IVF

Females in same sex couples have the unique benefit of involving both partners in the creation of a child. In reciprocal IVF, one partner will provide the eggs and then once fertilized, these embryos will be transferred into the other partner who is planning on carrying the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this type of treatment is not recognized by insurance as a covered service. Before beginning your cycle, our billing team will meet with you to discuss all potential costs, which can greatly range, however, on average, a Reciprocal IVF cycle would begin at approximately $10,000.

Donor IVF

For same sex couples who would like carry the pregnancy, but who cannot necessarily provide their own eggs, the use of donor eggs is the most viable option.

At Neway, we can refer you to one of many agencies we work with, or we can help you to choose a candidate from our own pool of donors. A coordinator will help you to decide if choosing frozen donor eggs, cycling along with the donor to do a fresh embryo transfer or even sharing a donor with another patient might be a good option for you.

Most insurance companies do not currently recognize donor cycles as a covered service, but our financial team will verify all coverage details prior to your treatment and will discuss all potential costs with you. The total price of donor cycles can range drastically depending upon the specific type of treatment you are planning on, but on average, a donor cycle will cost approximately $30,000.