Choosing your Gestational Surrogate

NEwayFertilityTwoDadstobeYour choice of a gestational surrogate may be a family friend, relative, or someone selected through an agency. Regardless of the source, as with the egg donor, this person will be screened extensively to rule out possible complications to your fertility journey. This screening includes infectious disease testing according to FDA guidelines, a questionnaire on past gynecologic history, and a fertility workup to evaluate potential for surrogacy.

Psychological Preparation

Lastly, we want to make sure that everyone participating in your fertility journey is thoroughly prepared for any and all outcomes. This includes counseling and emotional preparation for the egg donor, gestational surrogate, and for you, the intended parents! This counseling is not only for our LGBT families. It is for anyone using an egg donor and/or a gestational surrogate. It can be an emotional process and Neway wants to make sure everyone is fully ready and excited to begin this journey with you!