NEwayFertilityTransgenderFamilyYour financial expectation and insurance coverage as a transgender family will depend upon what services you are requesting. Some of the basic testing services, such as semen analysis, semen cryopreservation, hormone bloodtesting and ultrasounds, may be covered by insurance, however, it is unlikely that treatments will be. Our financial services team will verify all coverage information for you and will guide you through the financial aspects of your treatment.

A Man Transitioning into a Woman (Trans Woman)

A trans woman will have the option of freezing sperm before sex reassignment surgery if they wish to later have a child that is genetically related to her. This would require you to come into our office on various occasions to freeze as much sperm as the doctor sees necessary. This would allow for the semen to be used at a later to date to inseminate eggs from a fertile female partner or donor.

Our financial services team will verify prior to your appointment whether the sperm cryopreservation will be covered. In the event that this service is not covered, there is a $450 fee for each time sperm is frozen.

A Woman Transitioning into a Man (Trans Man)

A trans man will have the option of undergoing an egg retrieval prior to sex reassignment surgery in order to preserve either eggs or embryos to later be transferred into a female partner or surrogate.

Depending upon whether you would like to freeze eggs or embryos, the costs of treatment can vary greatly, but will average in the range of $6,500 to $10,000. While insurance companies do not cover egg freezing cycles, our financial services team will verify for you prior to treatment whether the fertilization and freezing of embryos will be covered.