I met Dr. Luk after having a negative 8 month experience with another fertility center and also had appointments with NYU & Cornell, however i never went to them.  After meeting Dr. Luk, I immediately knew she was MY doctor.  After a first failed attempt at IUI (3X) and IVF (1X) i knew i needed a 1:1 experience.  Not only was Dr. Luk phenomenal but Neway really caters to the NYC working woman.  They have very early hours so i can discreetly attend my appointments and never have to be late or miss work, starting at 7:30A.  They are quick and efficient, all while having genuine smiles on their faces.  The nursing staff, especially Molly, Juany and Young, are so nice, generous with their time, gentle in their touch and make you feel at home.  After i ‘graduated’ to the OBGYN once i was successfully pregnant, i really MISSED going to Neway and seeing all of their faces.  Another thing to note is that they offer such an unprecedented list of options for treatment that allow you to be financially mindful, have a choice as to the level of invasive procedure you are willing to do and introduced IVM to the market.  IVM is what got me pregnant and i cannot wait for more women to have a positive experience like i did.

I  LOVE DR. LUK if you couldn’t tell already and my husband’s feelings are mutual!

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