I originally considered going to a different clinic, but after reading so many positive reviews on healthgrades about Dr. Janelle Luk, I decided to give her a try . I am so glad I went with my intuition! Dr. Luk is perhaps the most compassionate Reproductive Endocrinologists I have met. She truly understands the needs of patients. I’ve come across many infertility specialists who are just money hungry, and they seem almost desensitized to the emotional effects that infertility has on a woman . They do not spend enough time with their patients. They treat their business like a factory. Dr. Luk provides a completely different experience. Her concerns for her patients and enthusiam for her work really sets her apart from other physicians. On top of it all, I really appreciate her sense of humor, because I am tired of talking to monotonic doctors. It’s very difficult to find a doctor that hasn’t lost sight of why they chose a career in medicine, and I’ve certainly been blessed to have met  Dr. Luk.


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