The Future of Fertility – IVM (in vitro Maturation (IVM)

Anyone going through Fertility treatments knows the toll it can take on a
woman’s body, mind, and pocketbook during their quest to get pregnant. At
our clinic, Neway Fertility will revolutionize fertility treatments in 2015
with its cutting-edge treatment – In Vitro Maturation (IVM).

As one of the only clinics in the U.S. to offer IVM, a unique alternative to
conventional IVF which is minimally invasive, it allows multiple eggs to be
harvested from a woman’s ovaries with little to no medication. This
procedure is ideal for women with irregular anovulatory cycles, those with
PCOS or hormone-sensitive cancers, or those who have experienced ovarian
hyperstimulation syndrome.

With IVM, immature eggs are collected from smaller follicles in the ovary
and then matured in the laboratory under specially designed culture
conditions. Several embryos can be created without exposing women to high
doses of stimulating injections and possible side effects.

Other benefits of IVM treatment at Neway Fertility include:

– Less expensive than tradition IVF

– Not as time consuming for the patient

– Less invasive medication and side effects

– Relief from multiple ultrasounds and blood tests

Call today to set up a consultation with one of our doctors and see if this
treatment is right for you.

Neway Fertility is the leading clinic for IVM – more info can be found at

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