Egg Freezing and the Workplace

Egg Freezing is a game-changer for women in the workplace. No longer must
they feel the pressure of their biological clock and they can continue to
rise in executive positions knowing they have this option. In fact, some
companies offer Egg Freezing coverage from female employees. The technology
and trends around egg freezing are growing daily and Neway Fertility in New
York City is leading the way and helping women store their eggs and preserve
their biological clock for when they are ready to start a family.

Dr. Janelle Luk, Medical Director of Neway Fertility, wants women to know
she became a part of the mostly male dominated field of infertility because
she wanted to help women be as equal as men are in all aspects of their life
– including their biological clock. As a female, Dr. Luk understands what
women go through and can help them on all levels, not just with infertility.
There are many decisions and things to consider when freezing eggs and Dr.
Luk is an expert guide. She notes that many women in their mid-20s aren’t
thinking about preserving their fertility unless they have a serious illness
like cancer.

It is important that women understand the benefit of preserving their
fertility at an early age. The technology available today allows women to
control their biological clock in a way that many deemed impossible.

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