The journey through fertility treatment can be an emotional (and physical) roller-coaster, mixing high hopes, dreams and expectations with crushing heartbreak, frustration and fear. While everyone’s experience is different or of varying degrees, it was certainly mine.

I first saw Dr Jesse Hade in January 2014, it took a few months to begin the IVF process due to testing etc… We were fairly green about the whole process and weirdly get nervous around medical professionals, so really didn’t ask many questions (or the right ones) and we bumbled our way through. I think maybe we were not as informed as we could have been. Anyway, we went through a couple of IFV cycles without much success. By the time the 3rd cycle was beginning, Neway was going through some fairly major changes. Dr Edward Nejat and Dr Janelle Luk appeared on the scene and for a while I was not sure who I would get on any given day. And the nursing staff started changing all over the place. I imagine it would have been fairly disruptive for some, but for me, it gave me a chance to experience different doctors approaches. Eventually I learned Dr Hade was leaving. And Dr Nejat took over my treatment. And this is where my review and rating begins.

Dr Nejat was sensitive, empathetic and attentive to my needs. He spent time with me to allow me the chance to ask questions, he really seemed to care and want us to be able to be parents as much as we did. It was no longer the nurses calling us to tell us a cycle had failed or our HGC levels were in the low positive range, Dr Nejat did this himself. He would also, call to check in along the way. Eventually, we opted for a fifth and final treatment, I was emotionally frail and was ready to move on to egg donation. Dr Nejat suggested they could try a mild stimulation for this one, so I agreed, thinking that way we could say we tried everything. And guess what? It worked! We are currently preparing for the birth of our little boy this Autumn.

Dr Nejat seemed overjoyed for us. I naturally was sceptical about the viability of the pregnancy, but his best advice was to live in the moment. I am incredibly grateful to have worked with him throughout the last couple of cycles.

I can not forget Dr Luk,–we had her on and off during the last process due to vacation days or weekend shift schedules–she always made us laugh, she is like a human whirlwind. Always extremely informative and competent. She stayed late one night after convincing me to come in for her to check on everything when I thought I had lost the baby early on, while Dr Nejat was on vacation. Thank goodness I was wrong.

As for the clinic, there were some bumpy times during my experience, simply due to the transition of doctors. I think they could have been more informative about the changes at a higher level rather than letting news trickle down through doctors (or not). A simple email newsletter would have helped. The changes were not bad by any sense, I believe the clinic should have celebrated them. I also think it would be wonderful if they had some sort of group therapy sessions available to their patients (I know their current location is too small for this) as I believe sharing experiences is good for all. You get so caught up in yourself and your own issues during treatment, compassion and empathy for others could help relieve this and take some pressure off.

Anyway, this ended up more of a diary entry than a review, but I wish anyone going through treatment the best of luck. I hope this entry helps you know you are not alone. I thoroughly recommend Dr Nejat and Dr Luk and Neway Fertility. Never give up.


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