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I followed Dr. Janelle Luk from New Hope to Neway, because the attention and personalized care she given me. I tried numerous infertility centers in NYC before going back to Dr. Luk and none of the other doctors demonstrated the same level of attention. Dr. Luk is knowledgeable but also completely down to earth, approachable […]


Accommodating. Pleasant. Much less of a zoo and much more sensitive to the patients personal / emotional needs than all of the more well known “high end” and WAY more impersonal IVF docs in NYC. Compared to RMA, this place is a dream. And they actually remember your a person. And you can reach them […]


My wife and I went to see Dr. Luk after trying many different fertility centers.  I have to say Dr. Luk is one of the best doctors I have ever met.  My wife and I would not be able to go through this journey without her.   She has wonderful bedside manners and was very understanding […]


I met Dr. Luk after having a negative 8 month experience with another fertility center and also had appointments with NYU & Cornell, however i never went to them.  After meeting Dr. Luk, I immediately knew she was MY doctor.  After a first failed attempt at IUI (3X) and IVF (1X) i knew i needed […]


Amazing facility both Dr. Luk and Dr. Nejat are good and great doctors…. I was a patient of Dr. Luk and even though i was in for a traditional IVF, Dr. Luk suggested me to go for a mini-IVF…and it worked, Dr. Luk did my egg retrieval and Dr. Nejat my egg transfer. They specially […]


I originally considered going to a different clinic, but after reading so many positive reviews on healthgrades about Dr. Janelle Luk, I decided to give her a try . I am so glad I went with my intuition! Dr. Luk is perhaps the most compassionate Reproductive Endocrinologists I have met. She truly understands the needs […]

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It’s easy to feel like you’re just a number in a lot of fertility clinics in NYC, but at Neway Fertility my experience was the exact opposite. The doctors, nurses and front desk staff are all top notch. Dr. Nejat is extremely knowledgeable, talented and has wonderful bedside manner. Throughout my treatment, any time I […]


I had a wonderful experience at Neway Fertility with Dr Nejat. He was attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and personable. He represents a rare new wave of health care professionals who really understands how to walk the delicate modern line between personal and professional, which is no small feat in the field of infertility where emotions and […]


The journey through fertility treatment can be an emotional (and physical) roller-coaster, mixing high hopes, dreams and expectations with crushing heartbreak, frustration and fear. While everyone’s experience is different or of varying degrees, it was certainly mine. I first saw Dr Jesse Hade in January 2014, it took a few months to begin the IVF […]